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Get natural wellness solutions based on what your body needs from Erica Hill at Alternatives for Wellness. She can provide you with an array of alternatives for your well-being that includes natural supplements, essential oils, and more. Erica Hill suggests top quality products such as Nature's Sunshine, Pure Herbs, ASEA, Nature Rich, VoxxLife, and Euromedica. Alternatives for Wellness features unique assessment tools such as iTOVi body scanning, DermaGrid skin analysis, and Zyto Compass. 
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Erica Hill is a Certified Natural Health Care Professional. She has been certified by the Institute of National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals and the Academy of Natural Health Science. Her training includes various areas such as Herbalism, Kinesiology or muscle checking, Aromatherapy, and VoiceBio analysis. Call 201-444-7407 today for a 15-minute FREE consultation before scheduling an appointment for your treatment.
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