Customer Testimonials 

"I’ve been going to Erica Hill for quite some time and have been enjoying excellent success rebalancing my emotions and managing my nutrition and supplements. When my husband and I decided to have a baby (at 38) I worked with Erica to prepare for pregnancy. We worked hard to clean up more emotions and further build up my body so I would be healthy and happy throughout my pregnancy as well as being able to build a healthy, happy, friendly, funny baby. Within 5 months of trying we were pregnant! We continued to work together to manage my health and stress through the pregnancy. And I’m pleased to report we did indeed have a healthy, happy, friendly, funny baby girl. The pregnancy wasn’t without its challenges as I developed gestational diabetes and had an extremely challenging relationship/experience with my OB-GYN. But Erica helped me work through all of that. We did have a brief stint in the NICU which left my husband, myself and the baby with some difficult trapped emotions. Erica was so kind as to come to our home a few days after we settled in to help us work through the emotions. She used the Emotion Code technique to determine which emotions needed to be reset. All 3 of us had 9 negative emotions that were causing us sadness and anxiety. We felt so much better after her visit! We were back on an even playing field and free to grow and bond without any baggage. Our daughter is now 7 months old. She never had colic or any other issues. She hasn’t even had a cold yet. She’s happy as can be and is a confident, curious and very friendly little person. The pediatrician is extremely happy with her and she tends to be a bit ahead on her milestones. I never had post-partum depression, anxiety or any other serious emotional stress. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight within a couple of months. And I’ve maintained a healthy milk supply. I strongly feel that working with Erica on the proper management of my nutrition and emotions helped immensely! I highly recommend new families visit with Erica to work through some of the tricky emotions associated with pregnancy, birth, and the challenges of change and new beginnings. We continue to visit with Erica to help our baby reset any trapped emotions as they happen so she can have the strongest emotional foundation possible to build her happy life upon." 

"Thank you so much for changing my life! I never knew how much better and happier I could feel after unlocking my hidden (trapped) emotions. Releasing all of that negativity lets me see the world and my life with a much more positive perspective. Thanks again."

"Thank you cannot express enough my gratitude (for Emotional Rebalancing). All is well so far and I look forward to talking to you soon." 

"I am doing very well. Thanks for all the work that you did to prepare me for this (difficult event)."
- GM

I have seasonal allergies that are absolutely terrible. I don’t mind a couple of sneezes and some nose-blowing, but when it starts to interfere with my life and my ability to work, that’s when I get crazy. I often take Claritin when things get really bad, but I try to take it as infrequently as possible. Even though it’s non-drowsy, I often feel sluggish after taking it, and I’m constantly timing the 12 hour window of it’s effectiveness to match my work schedule.
During this allergy season Erica Hill suggested that I try SI A. –R, an herbal extract from Pure Herbs. I have to say, I felt better in about 20 minutes. I took it again a few hours later. and felt nearly 100% improvement in my symptoms. I have to remind myself to take it regularly, because I start to forget what happens if I don’t take it. Having help from a competent herbalist has made a big difference for me!
- Dan H., New Jersey

I am extremely pleased with the findings and recommendations of the COMPASS analysis I received in your office. I have had BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy) for a few years, and have found minimal relief by taking prescription drugs (Flowmax, Avodart) or the usual herbs (saw palmetto). The COMPASS recommended Maca, which I had never heard of before. But since Maca is allegedly useful in enhancing the male reproductive system, I thought it would be good to try. Well, I was amazed at how effective it has been for me. After only a couple of weeks my prostate became less enlarged, and the bladder muscles seemed significantly stronger. This herb was just what I needed!
-M.I. New Jersey 

The feelings of illness bode well for no one, and we all at times look for what can alleviate our symptoms especially when one is trained in the medical field such as I have been. I have held my nursing license for 15 years and this is the common practice-treat the symptoms and/or prescribe powerful and potentially harmful antibiotics. However, I found Ms Hill’s suggestion of Silver Shield practical and extremely helpful. What amazed me was how Silver Shield helps boost one’s own body’s immune system, well at least in my case. I had a fever for 4 days, and began taking the Silver Shield for the next few days and noticed a tremendous improvement. The silver along with some other supplements that she suggested truly helped me feel better! Thanks Erica for all your help and consideration for suggesting those supplements it was very much appreciated!
- Scott Dove 

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